The Clear Choice for Pharmaceutical Containers

The Clear Advantage of Our Facilities

Roy+LeClair is always at the forefront of the industry and we update our equipment regularly. To achieve the highest standards, we exclusively use materials approved by the European and U.S. Pharmacopoeias.

Nasal Spray Containers

Roy+LeClair manufactures an impressive range of nasal containers, in capacities from 10 ml to 120 ml and made from HDPE or PET. Bottle necks are perfectly adjusted for vaporisers made by the world’s leading manufacturers.

Roy+LeClair is revolutionizing the industry with our proprietary model, dubbed NWD for “no waste.” This registered container’s design provides extreme dosage precision without any loss of product.

Ophthalmic Containers

The ophthalmic containers we manufacture are extraordinarily precise and meet international standards. These superior-quality containers adapt to any controlled dropper tip. Sizes range from 5 ml to 60 ml and are available in LDPE or PP.

Pharmaceutical Wide-Mouth Rounds (packers)

Packers are used prominently in drugstores around the world and are designed for tablets, capsules and powders. They are moulded from HDPE, PP or PET, and are offered in sizes ranging from 15 cc. to 1250 cc.

Syrup Containers

Whether they are kept behind the pharmacist’s counter or sold off- the-shelf, these containers, which hold 100 ml to 500 ml, are made especially for syrups, suspension products and liquid medications. Manufactured from HDPE, PP or PET, these containers also have the option of being graduated.

Boston-Round and Oval Containers

Boston-round and oval containers are in high demand and are used mainly for liquids, lotions, gels and creams. Roy+LeClair offers these products in a range of sizes from 5 ml to 1,000 ml, that are made from LDPE, HDPE, PP or PET.


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