The Clear Choice for the Distribution of Primary-Packaging Components

The Best Distributor, Pure and Simple

Roy+LeClair is an authority on all of the stages of the distribution process. We quickly find what you need among the thousands of packaging components that are available around the world. Our logistical know-how is second to none. Whether you’re looking for a simple closure or more complex packaging, when you deal with Roy+LeClair, you can be sure that we will respect your product’s to-market timeline.

Food Containers

Whether the right product for your project is glass, metal or plastic, and regardless of shape or size, Roy+LeClair will source it for you. Our experts will help you make the wisest selection for your type of product (pasteurized, gaseous, hot-filled, etc.)


Every container needs a closure, and Roy+LeClair has the expertise and the resources to find it for you. Working with our partners located around the world, we distribute closures ranging in size from 8 mm to 120 mm, and of various types including child-resistant, dispensing, tamper-evident, and those that may include a pourer, plug, desiccant and many other options.

Glass Bottles and Jars

Glass bottles hold solids as well as liquids and are suggested for products that may be unstable or when contact with plastic is not recommended. These containers are ideal for certain types of tablets, vitamins, nasal solutions, serums and ophthalmic products. They are available in several colours and can also be painted or tinted to create a unique visual effect.

Dosing Syringes

Medications, dermal treatments and adhesives are common uses for dosing syringes. They are also regularly used in veterinary medicine and for children’s oral medications.


In high demand for pharmaceuticals and skin-care products, droppers come with a glass or plastic pipette, which can be graduated for a specific dosage ranging from 0.25 ml to 2.5 ml. Today, droppers have a high degree of precision and can be mounted on a tamper-evident or child-resistant closure.


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