What’s new?

Spray+Lock™ Family

Our Spray+Lock™ family is growing!

Roy+Leclair is proud to introduce a compact and easy to carry version of its original Spray+Lock™ packaging with the MINI version. Offered with either 15mm Crimp or 15mm snap-on neck, our 15ml/.5oz MINI set is perfect for applications such as nicotine, cannabis, pain products, topical solutions and more.

In addition to our current 20ml, 30ml and 20ml NoWaste™, we now offer 60ml with 20mm snap-on or 20-410 screw.  Coming next: 20—410 neck on our 20ml and 30ml and NoWaste™ version of our 30ml and 60ml bottles.

Pharma-Bullet Line

Inspired by original European shapes, this new family of bottles is available in either 30ml, 60ml or 120ml (1oz, 2oz, 4oz).  Available with two different neck options:  24mm Tamper-Evident or 24-400.  Perfect for your liquid drug products, antibiotics, suspensions, sirups and other liquid formulas.

SNAP-ON sprays

With the objective of being the North-American leader in the small spray bottle segment, Roy+Leclair is proud to add two (2) new cylinder molds with 20mm snap-on necks:  15ml and 30ml (.5oz and 1oz) are now available.  Typical applications:  nasal, oral, topical sprays.  5ml and 10ml are being considered for the near future.

Dispensing sytem

Traditionally offered in glass, our new high barrier (Enviro+Lock™) line offers lightweight and avoids breakage during filling and transport.  Mainly used with orifice reducers for dispensing drops or with a syringe adaptor.  Typical applications for these are oral medicines, cannabis, health supplements and much more.  Available sizes:  30ml and 60ml (1oz and 2oz). Other sizes on demand.

We’re growing:  Addition to our machine parc

Roy+Leclair is glad to announce increased capacity once more with the addition of a new 100% electric Hesta blow molding machine.  In continuity with our strategy, the flexibility and accessibility for our customers to this molding platform will allow us to increase productivity and welcome our client’s projects.